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Shaoxing ShangyuHengda Lighting Co., Ltd was established in 2001, also is one of the biggest export LED Fixture manufacturer in Shangyu City, which is between Ningbo and Hangzhou. From 2014, we start new market for LED Fixture, such as Panels, Floodlight, Tri-proof and Celling lamp. We have full testing machines in our lab.

Our products certified by CE and ROHS through BV, Some comformity with GS and 30% of them have been enjoying the EU patents...

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This is a professional manufacturer of led lights such as all kinds of led light, floor lamp flood ligting stureproof light,quartz light.

绍兴市上虞恒大照明电器有限公司年产600万台灯具技改项目竣工环境保护验收公示 Jul 2019
根据《中华人民共和国环境保护法》、《建设项目环境保护管理条列》(国务院第682号令)等法律法规的要求,为广泛征集和了解公众对绍兴市上虞恒大照明电器有限公司年产600万台灯具技改项目竣工环境保护验收工作的意见,现将该项目竣工环境保护验收信息公示如下: 一、项目名称及概要    1、项目名称:绍兴市上虞恒大照明电器有限公司年产600万台灯具技改项目。    2、建设性质:现状评价。  3、建设地址:绍兴市上虞区梁湖街道工业区。    4、建设内容及规模:项目利用公司位于绍兴市上虞区梁湖街道工业区的闲置厂房,采用注塑、喷塑、喷漆和表面清洗等技术或工艺,购置金属旋压机、注塑机、UV线和喷塑流水线等国产设备进行生产,实施年产600万台灯具技改项目。 二、建设单位名称及联系方式    1、建设单位名称:绍兴市上虞恒大照明电器有限公司    2、地址:绍兴市上虞区梁湖街道工业区    3、联系人:张飚    4、电话:13758523326 三、工程相关方名单 1、环评报告编制单位:杭州一达环保技术咨询服务有限公司 2、监测单位:绍兴市中测检测技术股份有限公司 3、验收监测报告编制单位:绍兴市上虞智博环保技术咨询服务有限公司 四、验收监测主要工作内容 (1)工程建设情况;(2)环境保护设施;(3)验收检测结果。 五、验收监测结果 见附件1(验收检测评价报告)。 六、自主验收结论 1、结论:验收工作组按《建设项目竣工环境保护验收暂行办法》中所规定 的验收情形对项目逐一对照核查,原则同意绍兴市上虞恒大照明电器有限公司年产600万台灯具技改项目通过环保验收。 七、征求公众意见的主要事项 为听取社会各界对本项目的环境保护工作的意见和建议,特将本项目验收 检测报告及自主验收意见进行公示(验收检测评价报告和验收意见详见附件1),征求公众宝贵的想法和建议。公众可通过发送电子邮件、电话、传真、信函或者面谈等方式发表对项目竣工环境保护验收的意见和看法。 公示期:2019年7月15日至2019年8月9日。 八、公众提出意见的主要方式    公众可以通过电话、传真、信函或电子邮件等方式,以书面形式与建设单位或评价单位取得联系,表达自己的意见和建议。发表意见的公众请注明发表日期、真实姓名和联系方式,以便根据需要反馈。 恒大照明电器验收检测评价报告文本 专家意见
The development of LED downlight can develop its features and advantages
The development of LED downlight can develop its features and advantages Nov 2017
LED lighting is different from the traditional light source, has the advantages of small volume, fast response etc.. In the indoor lighting design, development of LED lamp should be intelligent lighting control, functional lighting and building integrated lighting can develop its features and advantages. People on the lighting requirements and engaged in sports is closely related to the visual function of lighting needs, satisfy people differences. In Home Furnishing career needs, light bright rally; in appreciation of classical music or light music, soft lighting demand. Natural light from the morning, noon, evening differences in color, has a great influence on people's psychology, thoughts. These controllable, adjustable color temperature LED, create a different atmosphere, invented the "people-oriented" comfortable, suitable for light. So the function of LED lamp lighting is always ranked first, and most important. Along with the computer technology, communication technology, autom...
Led lighting the future design direction
Led lighting the future design direction Aug 2016
LED lighting design in the future direction, you understand? Shenzhen LED lamp manufacturers Shenzhen mei'erte photoelectric Co., Ltd. below for you to explain in detail the LED lighting the future design direction: The light source is an important factor affecting the human color perception, and LED light source color is an important parameter to consider lighting in psychology. Thus, the pleasant color temperature and color of lighting design is an important part of the indispensable, generally easy to light, fast response speed and small size of LED integrated light source will be the source of future green environmental protection and energy saving, but LED lamps must jump out of the traditional lighting pattern, to obtain the reasonable design. The future, the market needs more and more humanized lighting, color temperature will become the future development trend of lamps and lanterns. LED lighting design is the future direction of the fight LED lighting design is the future dire...
LIGHTING FAIR IN 2016 Aug 2016
1) Guangzhou Carton Fair from 15-19th, Oct, 2016, Booth No:13.2H28 2) HK Internation Fair from 27-29th, Oct, 2016, Booth No:  3C-G22,24,26 3) Russian Lighting Fair from 8-11th, Nov, 2016, Booth No: 7.F120 
Increasing New Led Fxiture Products
Increasing New Led Fxiture Products Aug 2016
1)LED Flood Light 10W-150W 2) LED Panel Light 3W-24W 3) LED CELLING LAMP 4)LED DOWN LIGHT  

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This is a professional manufacturer of led lights such as all kinds of led light, floor lamp flood ligting stureproof light,quartz light.

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