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The development of LED downlight can develop its features and advantages

Update:06 Nov 2017

LED lighting is different from the traditional light so […]

LED lighting is different from the traditional light source, has the advantages of small volume, fast response etc.. In the indoor lighting design, development of LED lamp should be intelligent lighting control, functional lighting and building integrated lighting can develop its features and advantages.
People on the lighting requirements and engaged in sports is closely related to the visual function of lighting needs, satisfy people differences. In Home Furnishing career needs, light bright rally; in appreciation of classical music or light music, soft lighting demand. Natural light from the morning, noon, evening differences in color, has a great influence on people's psychology, thoughts.
These controllable, adjustable color temperature LED, create a different atmosphere, invented the "people-oriented" comfortable, suitable for light. So the function of LED lamp lighting is always ranked first, and most important.
Along with the computer technology, communication technology, automatic control technology, signal detection technology, microelectronic skill agile development and mutual penetration, lighting into the intelligent control time. LED intelligent control on one hand can improve the lighting system control and management level, reduce lighting system maintenance cost, on the other hand can save capital, reduce operation cost of the lighting system.
Add the power management in the LED lamp on the basis of function. Application of intelligent control can be based on user requirements, the objective situation change, predetermined requirements premise and actively collect all kinds of information in the lighting system, the collection and analysis of information, the response of logical reasoning, judgment, and the result of the analysis required to store, display, transmission, task form information response in response, control, in order to achieve the desired results.
LED lamp control sensitive and intelligent control system should also build integration method of lighting powerful connections, in order to better display the features of LED. Lighting products and construction materials com., makes a local variable building is a local lighting.
Building lighting method of integration is in the building which uses embedded, embedded, buried device light source and lighting lamps, full use of the building exterior reflection or transmission, show the building shape, color etc.. This method not only buried all kinds of lighting pipeline or equipment pipelines, and can make the building interior design and decoration, lighting has become the organic part of interior space, arrive intact consistent results.